The woman swallows the AirPod suddenly instead of in pain

If a new problem has arisen because of the large number of actual wireless seals that have been made, there are very few that can be accidentally swallowed. We’ve come across various stories of people who accidentally swallowed their AirPods, and so we can add another story to that list.

According to a TikTok video posted by @iamcarliiib, he apparently tricked his AirPods for his painkiller, ibuprofen, as he held one in his hands. According to his post, “I crawled on the bed. I had the Ibuprofen 800 in my right hand but I had my left AirPod in my left hand.

“I like to throw something back, take my bottle of water and drink … and then realize it’s not Ibuprofen. I tried to nod but he wouldn’t come out. ” It eventually came the normal way, but he went for an x-ray to be sure. We’re not sure if the AirPods are still working after being swallowed, but he mentioned that he won’t be using that AirPod again.

In addition, the interesting thing is that the AirPod connected to his phone while he was on a phone, and he also ended up sending a reminder sound to capture gurgling sounds while the AirPod was on his stomach to a friend.

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