15 of the Best Christmas Party Games for Adults

When it comes to party games, I’m a walking contradiction. While I love a good one game night and believe that there are not too many passages Danger! which can be seen in a single weekend, when I am told that there will be games at a holiday party I often have hesitations to jump. Not to be a scrooge, (really, because I’m full of nothing holiday spirit), but I’ve always believed that forced fun isn’t all that … fun. Well, this holiday season is about to change. As the virtual gatherings of the last few years make me nostalgic for the classic Christmas party, I’ll get into it all. That means commitment. Baking Christmas cookies, du making gingerbread houses, and yes, all the latest games with friends, family, and my favorites. So with that in mind, I combed the Internet to get the best Christmas party games for adults.

Without further ado, here are the best Christmas party games for all the adults who come to your meeting, because kids can’t be the only ones having fun.

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Christmas Charades

Ah, a classic party game. Although some of the guests need to get out of their comfort zone, the results are worth it. For the uninitiated, here’s how to play: Make a list of words, songs, phrases, or activities related to the Christmas theme and write each one on a piece of paper. Take out the cards from the guests and play them while the other players try to guess. I will go out and tell you that you will certainly laugh, that you will probably cry, and that you may even turn some of your hesitant guests into believers.

Christmas Pictoria

Like charades, but different. Although the concept starts out the same (come up with a list of Christmas cards by putting them in a bowl), the range is different. Players take turns drawing, trying to get others to guess what the picture represents. While you don’t have to be there artist to win by itself, it certainly can’t hurt. And if you’re not, well, trying to guess the interpretation of a fruit cake will be even more fun.

Christmas Cooking

I am about to give up everything The Great British Bake Off inspired my fun out-of-school vacation. Since everyone is already keen to just smoke until Christmas (and after), it won’t be hard to convince your team to come to a small baking competition. Choose a recipe and prepare to go head-to-head. If you have space, invite friends to bake it together. If not here’s a new product just for you! While I can’t say that my creations would deserve Paul Hollywood’s handshake, I certainly wouldn’t miss the opportunity to try and judge a candy-filled table.

The challenge of collecting gifts

There are people (my mom) who can collect a million beautiful gifts on Christmas Eve with tremendous ease. There are others (me) who favor a simple and easy option to put your gifts in a bag that is still aesthetically pleasing. Whatever camp you fall into, be prepared to gather your heart. Fill the boxes, wrap the paper and ribbons, and divide them into two groups. The one who gathers the present the fastest will win. Bonus points though for a nice final result.

Christmas Hunting Hunting

If you’re a host who organizes holiday decorations months in advance, know that you’re not alone. With this game, you can challenge yourself by doing a little strategic with your decor. Write a list of clothes full of objects that your guests need to hunt. The one who returns the most marked items wins.

What’s on your phone?

Because we will never appear anywhere without our phone, all your guests will have everything they need to play this game. Print these game cards players are full of clue-like clues that need to search their phones. The one who ticks the most squares is the winner.

Would you prefer?

You can ignore what I’ve written above: I’ve been ready to play this game and I’m going to go to any party. It’s a quick and easy way to get to know your guests because there’s no better way to break the ice. You can use it these pre-made cards or create your own. Divide into a team and get the players to share the holiday theme they prefer. Here’s a sample: Egg or hot chocolate? (Personally, I would choose the latter.) While the goal is not necessarily to end up with a clear winner, there will be plenty of opportunities to entertain when you hear what people choose.

Two truths and one lie

It’s a party game for a reason. It’s the perfect blend of two truths and one lie that are easy to learn and fun to play with. One person makes three assertions, while the other players have to guess which ones are true and which one is a lie. Add a little flavor to Christmas by making holiday-specific stories. Maybe you’ll share about a wild holiday dinner that never happened or spread the truth about the strangest gift you’ve ever received. Being creative with your statements will have good chances of winning, but the truth is that you will probably be the player with the best poker face.

Spoon and Decoration Race

This game always makes me think as a kid and I used to watch the field days with the passion of a five-year-old child. I loved walking through the school meadow trying to balance a spoon in my mouth over the egg (although rarely successful). Enter the holiday tune in the adult version and replace it with an ornamental egg. Set up a course and ask the players to finish the race. The first to cross without decorating will be the winner.

Guess That Christmas Movie

Is there anything better than pairing it with your favorite Christmas movies? I think not. Get ready to put your guests to the test of their knowledge of the classics. Guess the questions in advance and arrange your live trivia game. Just be prepared to warm things up a bit: the competition will be fierce with the popularity of the players ’holiday movie experience.

Ugly Sweater Competition

Maybe I’m in the minority of those who think ugly Christmas sweaters are really pretty. Regardless of whether you think they’re tasty or tasty (okay, maybe I wouldn’t go that far), everyone will want to get involved in the fun. It’s easy: go to your favorite shipping store and find your holiday. The more ugly, the better.

Gingerbread House Competition

There is no better way to show your creativity at Christmas than to build your own gingerbread house. While it’s totally entertaining to do with kids, doing this is an adult-only competition which means you can concentrate on making a masterpiece. Set them all up with a pre-made house for the sake of simplicity and distribute the decorations in bowls. Put on a timer and build. In the end, everyone can vote for their favorite. Side note: This game combines perfectly with a bit hot chocolate.

“Chunky Snowball”

You do not need much to carry out this game for your next holiday party. Load some bags of marshmallow at the store next time you are ready to play. While each guest fills his mouth with as much marshmallows as he can still say, here comes the tour, the “snowball”. Of course, always make sure you don’t take the competition too far; marshmallows can be at risk of drowning.

Christmas Scattered

Ah, Scattergories. The original, category-based, creative thinking game has been a favorite since the ’80s, and I think it’s time to have a change for Christmas. Find a printable template for the holiday version here. Get yourself a timer, buy it, or make a 26-letter letter die and get ready. Players have 2-3 minutes to complete the card using Christmas words, starting with the letter thrown. It’s actually a bit of an addiction, so make sure you set aside enough time for at least several rounds.

Guess How Many Ornaments

This is for the good of us. When greeting your guests, give them a piece of paper and write down how many decorations they think are on your tree. At the end of the afternoon, announce which one is closest to you. Their reward may be proof that they are an expert appraiser, or you may receive something small. candle to congratulate your winner. Professional advice: If you are playing this game, do not forget to count the decorations while you are decorating your tree.

What is your favorite Christmas party game?

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