ArieGuard launches digital platform for M&A Consulting and VC Fundraising

ArieGuard launched the first digital platform for M&A consulting venture capital A fundraiser that connects business owners, investors and investment bankers around the world through a similar interface to Uber. ArieGuard provides all the necessary digital tools and services to process transactions and make agreements more efficiently.

ArieGuard funded by the founders and angel investor Dmitry Zubatyuk, a series of entrepreneurs who have created several successful IT startups around the world and invested in various technology projects. The total amount of ArieGuard’s initial investment is $ 1.2 million.

ArieGuard is focused on the market for small M&A and fundraising agreements between $ 5-50 million and small industries such as start-ups and cannabis in the early technology phase. This category of agreements is not attractive to bulge bracket banks, and these agreements are aimed at small investment stores with limited network and experience.

The size of the global market for such agreements is about $ 190 billion. ArieGuard is targeting an M&A consulting market worth more than $ 10 billion.

“The M&A and investment industry is operating in the same way it was invented a few decades ago. It’s a very outdated conservative area, ”said Vlad Seleznev, founder of ArieGuard. “When a business owner comes to an investment bank, his or her options are limited by the list of contacts the investment banker has in his or her paper notebook. This approach drastically reduces the network of investors who are informed about the investment opportunity. We want to change this situation and build a global network of trusted partners (investment bankers) and investors when a business owner is looking for financing or has a merger operation opportunity to find the best deals. ”

ArieGuard established a rating and connection system that allows the three parties to work with and ensure they are trusted, even if a person is outside their personal network.

“ArieGuard is leading the M&A and investment banking industry into the current digital age,” said Dmitry Zubatyuk, a series entrepreneur and ArieGuard’s pre-seed investor. “Nowadays, investment bankers do a lot of ‘monkey work’ trying to attract customers who aren’t really interested. They’re working 80-100 hours a week on deals that won’t close. , to enable investment bankers to work remotely, as well as to be self-employed, to choose agreements and clients, and to be transparent about how much they earn. ”

By the end of 2022, ArieGuard aims to attract about 5 percent of about 100,000 M&A consultants worldwide. In addition, the team is developing an AI tool for automated business valuation and is developing an intelligent search system that will help investors search for projects around the world quickly and easily based on multiple parameters.

ArieGuard is a global Digital Investment Banking Platform that connects business owners, investors and the best professionals in investment banking. The company also provides all the necessary digital tools, including an automated IA-based rating system, online data rooms, a mobile app, and more. This allows these players to close M&A and fundraising agreements much more effectively.

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