Blue Origin is releasing 6 more tourists into space this December

Everyone who can pay can now line up for the journey of a lifetime.

Blue Origin launches the next group of tourists into space, according to tweet from private aerospace firm Jeff Bezos. This will be the first time that the Blue Origin vehicle will lift a full set of six passengers on board the reusable rocket.

Laura Shepard Churchley of Good Morning America, managing member of Dick Holdings Evan Dick, CEO of Voyager Space Dylan Taylor and the first parent-child duo: Lane Bess (father) and Cameron Bess (daughter) are heading into space.

In case you missed it, the era of space tourism has officially begun.

Blue Origin space tickets may become cheaper

This upcoming launch is Blue Origin’s third human space flight and its third in a year. The last two launches have lifted four people each, the first of which included Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. The second, in October, saw Star Trek actor William Shatner, in addition to Medidata co-founder Glen de Vries, DCVC partner Chris Boshuisen and Audrey Powers of Blue Origin. Unfortunately, de Vries died when during a plane crash weeks after becoming an astronaut. But the pace of Blue Origin’s release is astounding, especially in light of its astronomically high ticket prices. But by launching six people on the flight, the company is likely to significantly increase its profit margins, which (in theory) could lead to more accessible locations in the space tourism system.

But make no mistake, space tourism is and will remain a luxury of high class. And compared to the events that most of the world has gone through in the last few years, from a global pandemic to a supply chain shortage, mass unemployment and a health crisis, it’s hard to believe that a suborbital space travel for a few minutes of weightlessness and an unsurpassed view of our entire planet is a rarity at a high price. We can only hope that everyone who enjoys the view will experience it something better than Jeff Bezos “General effect” and go down the steps of the landed capsule with something noble and modest that is preserved for the rest of the human race.

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