Buick has introduced a new flagship car and SmartPod concept

The American car manufacturer Buick presented two new concept cars at the recently concluded car show in Guangzhou, China, CNET reported. The images published by the media show that both designs are heavily inspired by science fiction and we will have to wait to see how they are put into production.

Uncovering concepts is great when it brings out a radically different thought process. Like this concept for a motorcycle that has hole in the center. There is a lot of intrigue about whether the design will work, how different the prototype will be, what innovations will be needed to make the design work among other things. But if you discover a concept that looks like the smoothed finish of a car you already have in production, you have nothing to worry about.

This is the problem with the GL8 Flagship concept. Buick already sells the GL8 in China, so the new concept doesn’t look much different from what’s already on the road. A different stylized front grille and a more naturally flowing aerodynamic design can be noted. But again, these are conceptual images and the production vehicle can be quite different.

The company probably hopes to sell more of these cars with the luxury it plans to provide from the inside, and here it seems a lot can be achieved. Rear seats seems to be replaced from a more comfortable bench, which also inspired the front seats. Between the two, there’s plenty of room to place a tea tray to help you enjoy a hot beverage while enjoying your favorite music, which is played by speakers integrated in your headrests.

In place of the console is a massive 30-inch display that occupies today’s cars, and the driver also has functionality on the touch screen of the steering wheel. The company also hopes to soon integrate its own autonomous driving technology into this car. However, this is unlikely to allow the driver to turn in his seat and enjoy tea, a privilege enjoyed by the navigator’s seat.

The other concept, the SmartPod, is where Buick wants to get rid of the driver completely. Powered and controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), this capsule can be your caravan where you can sleep, work, play, watch a movie while crossing the country for you. With features such as noise reduction and an air purification system, the SmartPod will receive voice commands to adjust lighting or play ambient sounds to help you relax after a hard day’s work.

According to Engine 1, Buick revealed that the SmartPod will be made of durable materials and will even use an electric drive system, something they have revealed about the GL8 at the moment. But before you hope for a SmartPod, the car is strictly a concept and Buick has no plans to put it into production soon.

To summarize, the new vehicle concept doesn’t seem to signal something radically futuristic or is trying hard to please our sense of aesthetics.

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