Facebook Messenger and Instagram will have the mean end in 2023

If you’re worried about your privacy and you’re worried about being interrupted and reading your messages, you may not want to use Facebook Messenger or Instagram to send messages that may be sensitive in nature. That’s because none of these foundations have seal information.

In the meantime, Meta said they will be releasing the top information for these positions in 2022, but it seems to be too late in 2023. So according to Meta’s global head of safety, Antigone Davis, he’s in for an article idea for Telegraph showing that the show is only 2023 to come.

The article talks about Meta’s products and services and what they do to provide security for users. Davis also talks about how the company can have a “three-tier approach” to “prevent harm” and give users more control, which he said, “We’re spending our time doing this right and we don’t plan to end the promotion of top brands in the end by not being able to use all of our messaging services until sometime. in 2023. “

While that doesn’t mean any of these platforms are “dangerous” to send and receive messages, if you have conversations that may be sensitive in nature, you may want to check out other tools like WhatsApp, Telegram , Signal, and so on. now.

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