New UK policy says all new buildings must have electric car chargers

The British government has taken a major step towards boosting the electrification of its transport by requiring new houses and buildings built in the country to have electric vehicle chargers (EV)..

The decision was backed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson Confederation of British Industry, where he called on the private sector to invest in the green industrial revolution, the greatest transformation of the world economy in 200 years.

As early as 2018, the United Kingdom was looking to apply a similar policy to increase the acceptance of electric vehicles in the country. The government then planned to phase out the sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2040. Since then, the government has extended the sale of these vehicles by a decade and has also invested heavily in the country’s 250,000 electric chargers. The new policy is expected to add 145,000 refueling points to the country annually over the next decade.

Apart from new construction, the rule will also apply to large-scale repairs of restaurants that have a minimum of 10 parking spaces, the press release said. For its part, the government will make regulations that allow fast and contactless payments at charging points, making electric charging as easy as charging a conventional car.

Government pressure in this direction is also expected to bring private sector investment of around £ 90 billion ($ 120.61 billion), in addition to creating high-paying jobs in the UK, the press release said. Although the region is striving to move to cleaner vehicles, not all carmakers are still on board. Four of the world’s largest carmakers, Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan and Hyundai-Kia has not signed a pledge of the recently completed COP26 for the delivery of zero-emission vehicles only by 2035, the BBC reported earlier this month.

In an effort to further reduce emissions, the UK government is also investing around £ 10 million ($ 13.4 million) in a new green hydrogen project. When completed, the project will have the largest electrolyzer in the UK – a device that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen and uses the first as carbon-free fuel which can be used for transport.

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