Twitter New Search for Livestreams

In parts of the world, such as Asia, selling and advertising products on livestream is a very popular trend. So the customer interacts with their audience (customers) and talks about a product, shows it, and then sells it. There is almost no real estate market that seems to be popular.

Twitter seems to be hoping to fundraise on the popularity of such activities as the company has announced they will be testing a sales pitch for its livestreams. That is, instead of the customer using another platform to process purchases or deal directly with customers to validate their orders, Twitter will place banners and tags on ads so that customers can like a product then click on it to make them. buy.

According to Twitter, “People often come to Twitter at big cultural times. Livestreaming on Twitter gives businesses the ability to connect with their most popular people, and adds the ability to market this experience as a regular additions to attract and engage an interested audience.

The company will begin their Live Shopping trial in partnership with Walmart on November 28, 2021 at 7pm ET. The show will be hosted by singer, songwriter, and dancer Jason Derulo who will be showcasing a wide range of electronics, furniture, clothing, and more.

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