Watch BMWi’s electric Wingsuit break the world record by 186 mph

Peter Salzman, a base jumper and professional aerial athlete, has just broken the Guinness World Record by finishing first flight with wingsuit, powered entirely by electricity.

Born in Austria, Salzmann discovered his passion in base jumping – jumping from fixed objects such as buildings, bridges and rocks. While some BASE jumpers prefer to use wingsuit to allow them to travel farther from jump points, some experiment with powerful pushers to achieve higher horizontal speeds and / or not lose altitude and stay afloat. for longer.

Salzman relied on his experience in this field to make regular skydiving and bass jumping more exciting, and for some time he toyed with the idea of ​​a motor on his wingsuit. According to a Report on Globetrender, Salzman contacted BMWi, a subsidiary of BMW with a focus on electric propulsion, in 2017.

Working with BMWi, Salzman built a chest-mounted platform powered by electric motors. At first glance, the fiction looks like a mini-submersible machine that can dive into a body of water in search of valuable possession, but the impellers of the device’s carbon body can rotate on impressive speed of 25,000 rpm.

With a 7.5 kW engine, each impeller compresses the air and pushes it out at a higher pressure, providing traction that Salzmann can use to gain extra speed as well as increase altitude. It is powered by a 50V lithium-ion battery, which can be activated by a throttle actuated with a thumb on the left sleeve of his suit.

When Salzman jumped from a helicopter hanging just under 10,000 feet (3,000 meters), his wings provided traction to reach a top speed of 186 mph (299 km / h). Given that conventional engines can only reach one-third of these speeds, this is a great achievement.

However, the 15-minute thrust provided by the electric motors not only allowed Salzman to soar above a mountain peak, but also to claim the Guinness World Record for completing the first electric flight.

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