1.2 million orders, but no production yet: Tesla Cybertruck

Electric vehicle maker Tesla now lags behind more than $ 1.2 million in Cybertrucks worth more than $ 80 billion, even when pickup production is nowhere to be seen. Electricity announced. However, the figures were collected by a Cybertruck forum and have not yet been confirmed by the company.

Against the backdrop of rising shares of Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk, who is becoming the richest man on the planet by a mile now, little attention has been paid to Cybertruck. Plans for its production are constantly being pursued. In July, Musk complained about “thousands of parts and processes“which had to work to complete production on the right scale. Four months later, it seems that the problems are still unresolved. However, interest in the truck has not diminished.

Musk himself confirmed 250,000 reservations in the week following the truck’s unveiling in 2019. Although Tesla did not reveal additional figures after the tweet, a Cybertruck forum was crowdsourcing reservation numbers and its latest update sets it at 1.27 million. Publicly visible information also provides additional details about which versions people have chosen when booking their claim.

Most reserves (47 percent) were observed for the two-engine version, followed closely by the three-engine option (45 percent). The vast 70 percent of people seem to have opted for full self-driving (FSD), which comes at an additional cost. Gathering the revenue that this would generate for Tesla when it launches Cybertruck, the figure turns out to be about $ 80.7 billion. This is for Ethiopia’s GDP.

One possible reason for the interest to remain high is that electric vehicles have just started to be launched. People are curious about them and Cybertruck meets all fields in terms of science fiction-inspired or reliable pickup that one would like to own. Also, don’t stop saying you booked your Cybertruck when all you have to do is make a $ 100 deposit, which is fully restored!!

Cybertruck’s real customers will only show up when production starts and people have to invest money to get their supplies. Time is definitely running out for Musk and Tesla as newcomers like Rivian pick up the pace and started deliveries.

Unless Musk and Tesla investors are happy to withdraw $ 80 billion, Cybertruck is better off releasing in 2022.

Interesting Engineering turned to Tesla for their comments and will update the story if a response is received.

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