Alejandro Glatt: artist and entrepreneur, helping women artists by combining art, technology and spirituality

Alejandro Glatt has a passion that will seem strange to many: fruit. A self-described multidisciplinary artist based in Tulum, she is now bringing her passion to the NFT space to help women artists succeed.

Glatt is the founder of Crypto Papayas, behind an NFT social project launched on the blockchain network launched in October this year. The project is made up of a collection of NFTs depicting papayas of different designs and origins, which aims to be a “memento mori” for the owners to have a better place in the world and be loyal to themselves.

While the concept behind the art of the project is no different from other NFT collections, it is the goal behind it. Several goals have been set, each of which has achieved different results, including donating 10% of the fees to help women in the NFT space, organizing a “fruit festival” in Art Basel on December 6 exclusively for the headlines. the creation of a DAO that will share rights, donations to NGOs, social activism, etc. with its members.

The mission and model of the project is an extension of the artist behind it, who believes that the process of fruit growth is not only a representation of a cycle of abundance in nature but also of human life itself. Using ceremonies, meditations, art installations, etc., Glatt finds a new way to unite the 5 main senses to reach another level of intelligence.

Several hotels, festivals and retreats have been attended by Glatt, including the famous “Art with Me” festival, Art Basel, Todo Fresco Y Dulce, Mexico City Art Week, Yam Festival and more. Now, he will participate “Art business and NFTs”, A collaboration between Grit Daily and TokenSociety to be held in Miami on December 2 and 3.

As younger generations find it harder to find their place in the world, Glatt has proven to be a well-known guru to help his “Fell the Fruit Movement” expand its base around the world and help him feel inspired. His foray NFT the ecosystem will have a full role to play in helping its movements achieve their goal by fostering innovation and providing a platform for women artists in the process.

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