It’s strategy season: how to make your e-commerce efforts this holiday

Finally, two of the biggest shopping days of the year have arrived: Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Businesses around the world are looking forward to this day, and it’s no surprise. Some believe that buyers will $ 36.4 billion was spent on the holiday weekend, and the amount spent is expected to grow year on year.

As spending grows, the way people buy has changed. We all know that in-store purchases were limited last year due to the pandemic, but retail sales were mostly done online. it is not a transient trend. So how does this affect holiday shopping in 2021 and beyond?

It brings as much as this shopping season 30% of annual sales and revenue of companiesso it’s no surprise that holiday marketing and e-commerce trends have dominated the minds of many companies at this time. But 2021 presented its own special challenges, such as the inflation record and the ongoing cuts in COVID. Marketing is effective for this season in all industries to address these issues.

There were already US consumers Christmas shopping starting before Thanksgiving, but this year it adds an extra complexity— the global supply chain crisis. These supply chain problems confuse many buyers and limit the guarantee of last minute purchases to reach the designated portal on time.

We are raising prices on gas pumps and we are seeing a shortage of everyday products in stores across the nation. With that in mind, how can traders prepare for this important season? Here are some tips.

Change your delivery expectations

It’s likely that companies will completely avoid the usual “last minute shopping” message. Due to current supply chain problems, some businesses are expressing in detail that they cannot promise delivery deadlines, especially as we approach the beginning of December. This will probably avoid the typical “free two-day shipping” or “last day to order” promotions we see after Cyber ​​Monday. This normal three-week security window for getting packages before Christmas will probably not be available this holiday season.

If you haven’t already, start sharing this important information with your social media posts, website banners, email alerts, and more. If in doubt, communicate too! Ask buyers to order now, and encourage them to select an additional shipping and handling fee. There could be a big difference in getting what they want on time.

Keep up your momentum and offer incentives

If you’ve already started seasonal campaigns, don’t let the end of Cyber ​​Monday stop you. Keep your strength to those who lost by offering a post-Black Friday sale. It could be as simple as a one-day promotion (after Cyber ​​Monday) to encourage shoppers that there is still time to spend.

Although we have seen a personal decline in purchases over the last decade, physical stores are likely to experience unexpected sales growth, especially as Christmas approaches. If your business is physically located, consider offering holiday buyers an incentive to shop.

Stay close to your goal

Take advantage of your digital marketing and stay close to your target audience on vacation. It may be easy to take an “anything and everything” approach, but in a world full of so much noise, consider how best to speak to your most loyal listeners.

We live in a world where there has never been competition for brands in all sectors. While there is always a big push to reach as many consumers as possible to find new customers, your loyal customers are key to the success of your business. AdRoll‘s 2021 e-commerce guide to holiday marketing trends highlights the importance of the map to your target audience. Their advice? Find your repeat customers and loyal advocates for the brand and market to them specifically. If you have a loyalty program, send a specific email campaign to increase sales. If not, develop one and offer a percentage discount as a registration bonus.

Although this holiday shopping season may seem different, some factors remain the same. You know that customers will spend more money in that time; when and where it matters. Find your customer base, target them through effective campaigns that highlight this year’s challenges, provide a solution, and play a successful new year!

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