Japanese Retailers Buy PS5 Boxes to Weak Scalpers

Due to many important factors such as the popularity and scarcity of chips around the world, even today it is quite difficult to get your hands on the Sony PS5 console. This means creating a market for scalpers to generate profits, where they capture any available units and then resell them at higher prices.

However, in Japan, retailers are trying to take steps to accommodate these customers. One of those methods involves writing or drawing on the comfort box itself. For example, as reported by VGC, Retailer Nojima Denki is taken to write the customer’s name in the PS5’s box, and remove the owner’s packaging as well.

This reduces the cost of the comfort because it cannot be sold as a new-in-the-box. In addition, it also reveals their names and may be wanted by some scalpers if no one knows their identity. Of course, that won’t bother some scalpers or some traders who might not object to not having a box to start with.

However, we think the goal is to try to put up as many barriers as possible to hopefully reduce the number of scalpers, making it easier for regular customers to get their hands on the market. comfort.

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