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What are you doing this week? My dad arrived yesterday, and we’re preparing to say thank you. If you don’t know what to talk about at dinner, here are some hilarious ideas. I also wanted to say that I am constantly grateful for this wonderful, clear, intelligent and awesome community of people, and I love you so much. Thank you for being here, whether you are a long-time reader or if you stop by. Have a great week, and here are some fun network links …

On Thanksgiving Day, Julia Child would do it set Goldfish crackers!

This Portuguese house has beautiful paint colors.

A fun game to play on road trips.

Pressure on migrant children. “As a first-generation Latino born in the US, greatness was not only expected of me, it was demanded … When I answered with confidence how I was with my studies … my grandmother smiled happily and simply said, ‘You are going to lift us out of poverty.’ . (Translation: You will lift us out of poverty).

Quiz: Where to live? (New York Times)

In addition, me on every trip.

A child reflects on parental commitment, Approved by the Catholic Church, to live chastely as a ‘brother-sister’ to avoid mortal sin. (The New York Times.)

New movie Humans it seems really compelling. And we’re watching Licorice Pizza on saturday!

After dinner Interview with a 12-year-old Who sat at the adult table for the first time on Thanksgiving Day.

10 rules of thanksgiving. “Never take the last shot unless you’re under 10 or over 65.”

The best 2021 street photography.

How to weaken a woman’s success? Talk about her body.

A full day of sunlight at the North Pole.

Finally, here are 5 amazing sales:

* Lulu and Georgia: Get a 25% discount on the entire site with the code THANK YOU. (How nice this rug?)

* Nisolo: Get a 30% discount with the code BFCOJ30. These wardrobe staples are for sale!

* Living Proof shampoo and conditioner range They have a 20% discount (no code required). I use this every day.

* Dermdenda: Get a 30% discount with the code BLACK. The time for these babies!

* Madewell: Get a 30% discount with the OHJOY code, included their perfect jeans.

And here’s ours 2021 Gift Guide so far, if you want some ideas. xo

Also, two comments from readers:

Sarah says new mom welcome pack: “I would like to welcome other big milestones / life events with a welcome pack. It reminds me so much of the first grief that my father died. My best friend emailed me a kind of welcome pack (“Welcome to The Dead Parent Club,” I think?). It was incredibly helpful while my family was suffering from the grief brain while trying to do complicated tasks (it’s real). Things like this: how many copies of the death certificate you will need and for what purpose, a list of what you need to report death, are expected to receive rare calls from people who want to buy the house, etc.

Sarah says new mom welcome pack: “For me, the Cup of Jo was my motherhood handbook. I can’t tell you how often I come here to seek the advice or wisdom I need. I learned a lot about motherhood before I had children Maternity Monday series. Cradle song post From 2017 onwards my comments section is my favorite. ‘What do I have in my ass?’ tips it has saved my mind. “Just add water” it’s the best advice ever. All the mental health care you shared helped me navigate PPD – Throw in the Great Canyon! The story my brain tells me! Go for it nice walk! The parents ’perspective on your boys has helped me measure my expectations with mine. I know we’re not “real” friends, but this community helped me more as a mother than anything in real life. ” [Ed. note: SOB!]

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(Photo Smith’s Kitchen.)

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