Amazon could consider doing a series of multiple TV experiences

The original Mass Effect trilogy from BioWare was hailed as one of the best stories in terms of video games. A lot of people liked the story and the characters from the game, but how does it translate into a movie or a TV show? The good news is that we may find it in the future.

That’s because according to a report from Deadline, they’re reporting that Amazon seems to be looking at making a TV show based on the Mass Effect franchise, and they say they’re close to given as a transaction to fulfill.

Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said, “You’ll see that we continue to invest in small genres of all kinds, we have a team focused on genres on the ground in Studios working tirelessly with our creative partners. on those rocks, and you can look forward to more. ” Even though Amazon is too late to the car game, the company has made up for lost time.

They have put together a variety of well -received shows, such as The Boys, and recently the company announced four ‘ new TV series based on Robert Jordan’s book series The Wheel of Time, which is reported to fight. $ 10 million to the group. They are also working The Lord of the Rings TV series which is expected to launch in September 2022.

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