Apple has delayed its iOS Display Driver’s License to 2022

When Apple announced iOS 15 earlier this year, one of the features they unveiled was the ability for users to add their driver’s license to Apple Wallet. Yes, whether or not an ID authentication system will be recognized (in numerical terms) will depend on state to state, but would be an option in the states they knew.

Unfortunately, if this is an episode you’re looking forward to, you might not be happy to know it won’t happen until 2022. The film was originally expected to launch by the end of the year, but it’s an update to Apple’s website right now. said it expects to arrive in early 2022 rather than that.

It’s unclear why the show has been delayed since its launch in late 2021, but perhaps there are still legal or regulatory issues that Apple needs to clean up first. The show was originally intended to be launched for residents of Arizona and Georgia, and residents of Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah will receive the show at a later date. .

The company is also in discussions with other states to legalize it so that it can be used nationwide. Given the unseen image in the recent iOS 15.2 beta, don’t take your breath away from seeing it anytime soon.

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