Reddit will close Dubsmash in February 2022

With the popularity of TikTok as it is, it’s not surprising to see other companies trying to jump on the bandwagon with similar services. In a Reddit issue, back in December 2020, they announced that they would be acquiring Dubsmash, the competing TikTok in the hopes that they would be able to connect on its platform.

At that point, the app will continue to be on its own Reddit section, but that won’t happen again. In a Reddit post, coming February 2022, they will be shutting down Dubsmash down. It will no longer be available in the app stores where it was found, and the app will no longer work.

However, that doesn’t mean Reddit is giving up its requirements for a competitive TikTok. Instead, they will take Dubsmash and integrate its features into the Reddit app itself. According to Reddit, “Since joining, the Dubsmash team has been working to integrate their new video creators into Reddit – with a goal of encouraging Reddit creators to expose them in the first way that loyal to our communities. “

This means that instead of users using Dubsmash as a standalone app, they will now need to use the Reddit app if they want to continue using its features. In a way it’s necessary because it will also attract people to the Reddit platform when they’re not on it. Reddit has also released a number of new features and Reddit-specific screens that users can look forward to.

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