The iPhone 13 requires the use of the iPhone 12 in the US

When Apple first unveiled the iPhone 13 a few months ago, the response was mixed. While it featured better hardware such as an upgraded cassette, overall it looked like a minor update at best and there’s nothing too exciting about the new phone, especially from the iPhone 12 or iPhone 11.

However, it seems that despite the improvement, Apple iPhones are still being sold like hot cakes. According to a study conducted by Wave7 Research it was found that the demand for the iPhone 13 is higher than the iPhone 12 in the launch in the US market.

That means compared to the launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020, the launch of the iPhone 13 seems to be much better. The study suggested that many factors contributed to the success of the phone, such as increased sales in stores, more 5G installation, camera upgrades, as well as non -partisan advertising.

The only issue is due to the lack of chips around the world, there are delays in the shipment of some models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s pretty impressive that a lot of people like the iPhone 13 over the iPhone 12 because of the upgrades, but we think that’s the strength of Apple’s brand for you.

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