TSMC To Build Apple’s 5G Modems for 2023

Since Apple acquired Intel’s modem segment, it has been speculated that it will eventually be assumed that Apple will eventually start making their own modems for their iPhones. A recent report suggested could happen in 2023, and now a new report from the Nikkei confirms those claims.

The announcement says TSMC hopes to start building Apple’s 5G modems in the 4nm range in time for the 2023 iPhone. Qualcomm recently announced several items on the day of the investment company, saying they expect to handle about 20% of Apple iPhone modem orders by 2023.

That means Apple has found themselves as a new company for 5G modems, or better yet Apple will be ready to launch their own modems and they are rolling out orders from Qualcomm. Why isn’t the company going 100% on its own modems?

This may be due to contractual obligations over a fixed period. In addition they may worry that they will not be able to produce much for the world’s cargo. Either way, we’ll have to wait until 2023 to find out, so until then take it with a bit of salt.

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