Verizon is offering an iPhone 12 Mini when you get a new unlimited line

Do you need a new phone? Do you want almost no charge for it? If you do, you might be happy to know that Verizon is currently running an announcement in which the driver will give away an iPhone 12 mini for free that appears to be free of seizures or requires customers to trade-in on an existing phone.

However, to be eligible for this transaction, customers will be required to register a new Unlimited line with the ship, which we guess is a “catch” if you want to think about it that way. The phone itself costs $ 600 and customers need to pay in advance, however, Verizon will refund the cost of the phone to customers within 24-30 months on your bill, its characteristics you are paying for first but you will do. finally get your money back.

Perhaps this is to prevent damage to the plan that customers might sign up for and then try to slip their bills. Verizon’s Unlimited plans start at $ 70 a month, which is kind of expensive, but it will give users access to shipping. 5G links with many contributors such as Disney +, Hulu, ESPN +, Discovery +, Apple Arcade, and Apple Music, are actually a great option if you’ve already subscribed to some of them.

The only problem is that it’s being re -ordered now so you have to wait before you get your hands on it. If you want to learn more, then go up on Verizon’s website for information.

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